Why a pool compliance team is required before selling a proper

It can be hard work trying to sell a property. There’s plenty of emotional attachment involved along with the thoughts of moving to a new district and hoping that everything will be alright in a different location. Ensuring that everything is in tip-top condition can help massively with a sale. Potential buyers can be quickly put off if things are in a state of disrepair.

This can be true when a property has a pool or spa. Only, ensuring that these places of pleasure that will provide lots more fun for years to come is not just important, it is against the law to sell a property that sees them fail to meet the safety requirements. That is why a telephone call or online booking to obtain a pool compliance certificate in Sydney state as being mandatory is vital.

The NSW government introduced an updated law in 2016 to back up the previous legislation that meant that pools and spas that are either in or above the ground regardless of whether they are indoor or outdoor or even portable must be registered if they can be filled to a depth of 300mm of water or more.

The new regulations stated that any pool or spa must have a certificate before any sale is made, to ensure that the new owner is in the hands of a safe facility. To ensure the highest standards continue to be met and assist with the avoidance of any tragic accidents, only expert professionals with a compliance license can issue the paperwork.

Choosing the right team is important, with one that offers years of experience plus a long list of satisfied customer testimonials being a good guide. It is handy to find one that understands the concerns of the property owner and can work alongside them by issuing a tick list of requirements that provides peace of mind and will save time when an inspection takes place.

They will ensure that before issuing a certificate all gates and barriers are in good condition, and can offer help and advice, and even assistance where they fall short. Once inspected, the valid confirmation will last for three years before the law states that it must be renewed.

Anyone selling a property containing a pool or spa must get in touch with a licensed pool compliance team to ensure that they are issued with a valid certificate to ensure safety.





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