Top 3 Ways to Find Data Analyst Jobs Near You

Do you need a new career? We highly recommend you consider a life as a data analyst.

Data analysts are always in short supply. As we move through the modern world of digitisation of the global marketplace, our dependence on them increases. The more corporations interact with their consumers, the more data they retrieve from them. We end up with piles of data dumps which we call ‘big data’, and big data is notoriously hard to process because it is notoriously hard to understand.

The Data Analyst enters into that pile of data and provides us with solutions. They analyse it, then find ways to present their analyses back to the firm in an understandable, manageable, and actionable way. Without this innovative approach to learning about data, we lose out on lots of insights that can help us to work smarter and harder.

Here are 3 ways to find roles as a data analyst so you can enjoy a successful career.

The 3 Best Ways to Find Data Analyst Work

Here are the three best ways that you can go about finding work as a data analyst, no matter where in the world you live.

1 – Use Job Sites

You can use job sites in two ways when looking for data analyst jobs. You can use them as an employer or you can use them as an employee. When an employee uses a job searching site, their best tactic is to upload their CV so that employers can browse their skills even when they are not online. When an employer uses a job site, they can either browse the CVs of potential candidates, or they can advertise for the position they are trying to fill. Either way, you end up with a filled position.

2 – Use Social Media

When searching for jobs using your social media channels, you need to tell people that you are looking. Set your occupation or where you work section as empty, this way employers know you are looking. If you are already in work and searching for a data analyst role, then using social media could alert your current employer as to your plans to move. Think carefully therefore, before uploading your CV to a site like LinkedIn to find work. It is useful for those who are not already in gainful employment, though. Make sure you post to say you are looking for work regularly until you find it.

3 – Recruitment Programs

You can find new employees and new roles in data analytics by using recruitment programs. These come from job centres which are scattered throughout the country. There are different types of recruitment company, not just the government owned ones. Recruitment companies can add a professional edge to your firm. However, data analyst roles within recruitment organisations are few and far between. These companies tend to provide entry level employees such as receptionists or cleaners, instead.

Using one of the three techniques above, you should find the data expert your company has been looking for.






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