Organising A Food-Based Team-Building Event For Your Business

Teamwork is an essential part of any business, and without a cohesive team, you will struggle to make your business a success. There are many excellent team-building exercises you consider for your employees, and there are many benefits to organising these types of events. These activities can increase communication skills, morale, and productivity, motivate employees, and develop creative skills. When looking at team-building events for your business, food-based activities are an excellent way to engage your teams, and below are some options you can consider.

Community Kitchen

A community kitchen event is an excellent food-based option that you can consider as a team-building event and do something for a good cause. Community Kitchen is an XL Events team cooking activity in Brisbane that has teams working together to provide food for charitable causes. Guided by experienced chefs, the teams will plan the menu, prepare the food, and help package it up or distribute it to those that need it. It can be immense fun for those involved, and employees can learn new skills which can be applied in the workplace and do charitable work for an excellent cause.

BBQ MasterChef

Another excellent idea for a food event that can help gel your employees together as a tight team is a BBQ MasterChef event. The event can be held outdoors if there is space, and you can host it on a beach, in a park, or your company car park. You may need some tents to keep the sun off as your employees work together in teams planning a BBQ banquet and deciding what to cook. They will receive advice from skilled chefs on planning and preparing the menu. At the event’s end, the chefs will judge the teams and announce the winners. You can then all sit down, enjoy the food you have created together, and finish the day on a high.

Pop-Up Food Stalls

You can also consider a pop-up food stall event, an ideal option for smaller groups. You can split the employees into two or more teams and have them plan a menu for a food stall. The objective is to plan what you will cook and then sell the food, with the team who sells the most being the winners. Each team will receive supervision on planning the menus and ensuring everything is done hygienically and taught how to cost a menu and ensure they are profitable. The teams will hopefully sell everything, but they can enjoy anything left over as they celebrate a fantastic team-building event that was highly enjoyable.

These are a few food-based options for team-building events that may be an excellent choice for your business and employees. Investing in team building for your business can pay dividends when your employees work well together as a cohesive team. You can enhance the service your employees provide your customers and have your workplace running like a well-oiled machine. You can also ensure your employees have a fun-filled time while bonding and making your workforce into one large family.






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