Online Cloud Storage – GotBackup Versus Dropbox Review

Within this online cloud storage review, we compare an rising automatic online cloud storage company, Got Backup, using the leader in the industry, Dropbox.

Dropbox needs no introduction. Dropbox is possibly the greatest name in automatic online cloud storage, and it was lately worth $10 billion – making Dropbox probably the most effective startups ever. Dropbox is hugely popular along with a #1 choice for most of us all over the world with regards to online cloud storage.

Got Backup is really a youthful automatic online cloud backup venture from GVO Corporation, an ambitious Texas based software company. Got Backup supports your files online, just like Dropbox does. And additionally, offers some thing – you may make money from Got Backup through its affiliate marketing program. Dropbox, as many people are conscious of, doesn’t have a joint venture partner program where one can earn money.

Dropbox versus. Got Backup Online Cloud Storage Review: The Characteristics

Both Dropbox and also got Backup make files accessible anywhere, on any device, you just need a web connection as well as an password. There’s really a lot of similarity in how both Dropbox and also got Backup operate. Contrary, Got Backup may certainly be a more youthful form of Dropbox.

The important difference backward and forward is the fact that Got Backup offer limitless space for storage, which Dropbox doesn’t. Returned supports your computer data on your computer, Mac, tablets and smartphones, and tags the files too, similar to Dropbox does.

Both Dropbox and also got Backup possess a first class security. Got Backup utilizes a 256 bit AES file encryption. Nobody have access to your computer data on Got Backup except yourself – not really the Chief executive officer of Got Backup can access your computer data. It is a perfectly safe online cloud storage.

Dropbox versus. Got Backup Online Cloud Storage Review: The Cost

The Got Backup trial plan costs just $1 for that first week, if satisfied, apply for a complete subscription plan. You will find 3 plans provided with Got Backup. The Private Backup costs $8.99/month, while offering limitless online cloud backup just for 1 computer or device.

The Household Plan costs $14.99 monthly and supports five computers or devices, for five separate accounts. The Backup & Share Plan costs $13.99 monthly while offering limitless online cloud backup for five computers or devices. None of those plans possess a setup fee.

Dropbox doesn’t offer limitless data storage for example Got Backup. Dropbox’s fundamental plan costs $9.99/month for 1TB of information. Just a that will require someone to buy the Strategic Business Plan.

Dropbox versus. Got Backup Online Cloud Storage Review: The Affiliate Marketing Program

The #1 need to buy Get Backup automatic online cloud storage is its affiliate marketing program – that is a powerful way to make lots of money. Got Backup offers 100% commissions for that first month – and that means you get 100% direct commissions for each individual you’ll be able to lead towards buying Got Backup’s services.

The commissions become 50% in the second month and stay as lengthy because the affiliate marketing program stays active. There’s no-limit about how deep your referral chain could be, so the opportunity of income generating here’s absolutely limitless. You will find gifted online marketers who make $5000 per month in the Got Backup affiliate marketing program.

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