Important Things To Consider When Installing A skirting board

Skirting boards are one of the most time-consuming construction projects you’ll undertake, and the best way to ensure that your wall is secure and protected from prying eyes is to ensure that there are no obstructions in the path of your panels.

The best way to accomplish this is to install skirting boards on both ends of your walls, with each board connecting two adjacent walls. From that, here are some things to consider when installing a skirting board on your wall.

What is The Recommended Installation Height of The Skirting Board?


The recommended installation height for skirting boards is 12 in. (30 cm). For example, if the wall you’re planning to skirt is 24 in. (66 cm), you should first determine if the wall is finished, then start by measuring the lowest point of the wall.

If the lowest point is 12 in. (30 cm), you should put it on the skirting boards. If the lowest point is 24 in. (66 cm), you should remove the skirting boards, but leave the wall unfinished.

Is It Necessary To Have A Wall-Mounted Skirting Board?


A wall-mounted board is a good idea because it will allow you to connect two separate walls with a single piece of construction. However, when installing a wall-mounted board, you’ll have to ensure that there is no space in the room where you plan to connect the boards.

If you’re going to use the board in a room that has very little space, you can simply link two walls and have them meet at the same location. This will make it much easier to connect two opposing walls when doing the installation. You may also want to consider adding a hand-painted wooden table or two, which will add nice color contrast to the walls.

How Many Boards Can Be Installed Per Wall?

There is no ideal number of boards that you can easily fit on your wall, but you should aim to have at least six or seven. If you plan on adding more than one wall per structure, you should consider installing panels on opposite walls, to connect the areas.

Is Having A Large Skirting Board A Plus Or Minus For Security?

Large skirting boards are often either provided with a wall-mounted guard or else a monitoring system. A wall-mounted board can be a great addition to a home, but may not offer the same level of protection as a fixed board.

A fixed board is usually shorter, usually has more panels, and usually has a more secure connection between the walls. However, a wall-mounted board may offer more protection for the materials and the homeowner, as well as reduce unwanted nosiness from nearby tenants or other visitors.


Make Your Walls Look Great!

The beauty of walls is that they are a reflection of your personality. You might have a wall that leaves you feeling important and beautiful, while another may inspire confidence and add personality to the room. You can improve on this when it comes to your board. If you want to stay invigorated and young while still maintaining your beauty, you can purchase your skirting boards through this site!

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