Impact of numbing cream on tattoos

A quality tattoo numbing cream is not going to interfere with the ink or cause any serious side effects to the tattoo. You should ensure that you avoid low quality products because, you are going to get what you pay for. You should at the same time talk to your artist before you decide to use any numbing cream or skin product before your tattoo process.

While it might not fade your tattoo, there are those who have noticed that the process of healing of the tattoo can end up to be lengthier after the use of a numbing cream as compared to not using one at all.

The duration the numbing cream lasts

If you are utilizing a cream before the process of tattooing while following the instructions well, depending on the cream type that you choose, you can end up to experience no pain or just a little pain for the first 45 minutes of the tattoo. After that your skin will start becoming sensitive and you will feel the needles at work against your skin. As time goes by, you end up regaining the full sensitivity of the skin area.

But you will come across certain creams which claim to be able to last for about four hours after the application. They are the creams which tend to be more expensive and not worthy to use when you are doing smaller tattoos. If you happen to be planning to do a bigger tattoo, then using a stronger cream might come in handy because you don’t want the cream to fade when you are just starting on the tattoo.

Ways to minimize the pain

If you happen to decide not to embrace the numbing creams, there are other ways of minimizing the pain while getting a tattoo done. The following are some of the options which you can embrace:

  • Pick part of the body which is less sensitive like the rear/front of the shoulder, forearm, outer upper arm, and the calf
  • Avoid being hungry when going for the appointment. With low blood sugar, it tends to increase the sensitivity of pain and thus, to eat beforehand can prevent dizziness, help lowering the pain
  • Bring with you a snack if you are the type that has low blood sugar or know that the tattoo will take a longer period.
  • Get enough sleep the night before your appointment. It is something that is going to reduce your levels of anxiety, making it easier to sit in the appointment chair for your tattoo.
  • Remain hydrated as the skin likes being hydrated
  • Avoid taking alcohol as it is known to heighten sensitivity of pain, dehydrating your body.
  • Avoid direct sun as you don’t want your tattoo to be sunburned or part of your skin to dry
  • Ensure that you communicate with your tattoo artist and allow him to know the way you are feeling and take breaks in between when the need arises
  • To help in tolerating the pain, take deep breath

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