How SMEs are benefited by the Singaporean Business grants?

SMEs are often in need of cash flow for upgrading their business or simply to run their business operations. Singaporean SMEs, registered in the country with more than 30% stake holders in the locale are capable of applying for edg grant provided by the Singaporean governmentThe full-form of EDG is Enterprise Development Grant that is bestowed by the Singaporean government to companies looking ahead to expand their business overseas. Whereas, the PSG is provided by the government, for transformation of the old business into a new model by improving the infrastructure and technology.

You can visit the Business Grant Portal where hundreds of funds are taken under one roof and applicants can easily apply for the grant online. The website also helps by providing sufficient information about the grants and the present status of the application.

On receiving the funds, you can improve the infrastructure of your business. Install cutting-edge machines for increased productivity and hire more skilled staff as you aim to expand the business. As you make more profits, you can apply for further grant and help the economy to improve by providing more jobs to employees. Contribute to the growing economy of Singapore and make more employments for the next generations.


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