Everything You Need to Know About Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a general issue that many people face in their teeth, and it is seen that diet-related issues mainly cause decay. It can lead to loss of hard minerals from the adult and even baby teeth. Therefore, it is never desirable to have tooth decay in our dental health as it can affect our overall oral hygiene. 

In this article, we will study intricate details about tooth decay and how we can solve the decay issues quickly. If you are in Hunt Valley, it is suggested that you consult a specialist doctor if you are facing any decay issues. A dental clinic Hunt Valley, MD, can help us in getting rid of tooth decay issues. 

What is a Tooth Decay? 

Tooth decay, which is also known as dental caries or dental cavities, is a common diet-related problem that leads to the loss of hard minerals from adult and baby teeth. When the decay is at its early stage, it seems to be seen as a white or dark spot on the tooth, but when more mineral is lost from the teeth, it can form a hole in the teeth. 

When there is a large amount of mineral loss, the hole will deepen, and it will reach the dental pulp, creating a toothache. Thus, it is a significant issue that needs to be solved as soon as possible. 

How Tooth Decay Occurs? 

Millions of bacteria live in our mouths and stick to our teeth in a soft build-up called dental plaque. These bacteria require sugars in our food and drinks to consume and take energy to thrive. While turning sugar into energy, they release acids in our mouths as a waste product. 

This acid is hazardous for our teeth as it dissolves the crystals of our teeth and causes mineral loss by weakening our teeth. So, when this procedure is repeated a large number of times, it leaves white and black spots, and when deepened, it leaves tooth decay. 

How to Prevent Tooth Decay? 

If you want to prevent tooth decay, then there are a few steps that you need to follow to have a healthy tooth. 

  • You must have a healthy, balanced diet in which you have to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, avoid sugary snacks between meals, drink more water, and be aware of the hidden sugar in food products. 
  • Brushing is the first and foremost element that can help you in maintaining your oral health. 
  • It would help if you used toothpaste that contains fluoride, which will help you keep your teeth healthy against the acids. 
  • There is an added prevention, which is that you must stay hydrated to keep the decay away from your mouth. 

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