Why is Twitter important for your company?

We are sure that you, like us, are always looking for new clients. After all, we are all entrepreneurs who want to grow our business.If we focus on the social networks that we can use for our companies, ESG guidelines, Twitter is the one that can offer the best conversion rate. If you are thinking- can I buy more twitter followers, then you should visit this page.

So, what is the point of Twitter, and why there is so much talk about this tool? Here are its advantages:

Expansion of personal relationships

Direct lines can be established with focus groups, specific users, etc., depending on the response. It is important to remember that users perceive the person who manages a corporate Twitter account as a person, so it is important to establish a conversation with them, answer their questions, name them, retweet them, follow them, replicate them, interest them, etc. and avoid looking like “answering machines”.

Online providers

The portfolio of providers that offer their service in this network is growing, having a presence in this medium opens the possibility of having a line open 24 hours, 365 days to candidates interested in offering a service. An online provider is difficult to “disappear”.

Additional promotion channel

By being able to detect satisfied users of our products, identify them, group them, catalog them and even list them, Twitter becomes the ideal channel for direct promotion. You can also redirect the fans to your other fan pages on other social networks like- Facebook. Grow your business with facebook likes cheap.

Direct feedback

Contact with the end-users of the company is an advantage that rarely can be had so easily.

Remember: the market no longer has to go looking for it because it is there expressing its interests and can be analyzed as specifically as desired.

Portfolio of professional collaborators

By specifically filtering topics, users, communities, movements, keywords, etc., and grouping them into categories is easy to locate opinion leaders and generators of information, these leaders have followers who easily endorse their position and are the ones who can confirm the assertions of the company. Finding an opinion leader who has a significant number of followers is very valuable today.

Word of mouth advertising

Twitter can be a self-stimulating sales promoter, using different mechanisms the generated information can spread and create potential distributors of information. Traditional marketing allows you to design a global plan to promote the promotion of a product through communication and distribution mechanisms promoting the sale in specific places. Twitter can be used in parallel to this traditional mechanism with more powerful and direct elements since it allows it to be collective, simultaneous, and to a certain extent controllable.

Engage the user and create loyalty

A satisfied user is a loyal user, a loyal user attracts more users. Engaging users with content that enriches their timelines is a challenge worth taking.






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