Vape Juice Considerations When Starting Vaping For The First Time

Smoking is a nasty habit, and it can be extremely challenging to quit as nicotine is highly addictive. However, there are a lot of cessation aids you can consider using to help you stop, and nicotine replacement therapy is an excellent way to help you quit the habit. One of the most popular ones that people use worldwide is vaping, and many people give up smoking successfully using this method. When you want to start vaping to help you quit smoking, you will need a device, and there are many different ones available to buy. Once you have your device, you will also need to consider the vape juice you will use, and there is a myriad of options available. Below are some of the factors you will need to consider giving yourself the best chance of quitting smoking successfully using the vaping method.

The Nicotine Strength Of The Vape Juice

One of the first factors you will need to consider is the nicotine strength of the vape juice you will use, and it is vital to get this correct. If the vape juice is not strong enough, you will not satisfy your urges and cravings and will be more likely to go back to smoking. If the vape juice is too strong, it can make you feel sick and nauseous as your overload your system with nicotine, and you will not enjoy the vaping experience.

E-liquids are available in varying strengths, including:

  • 0mg
  • 3mg
  • 6mg
  • 9mg
  • 12mg
  • 15mg
  • 18mg
  • 20mg

If you are a heavy smoker, you will want to start at the higher end of the scale. If you smoke between 15-20 cigarettes a day, start with an e-liquid around 20mg and see how you can get on with that. Once you transition successfully to vaping and are comfortable with it, you can then start reducing the nicotine strength of your e-liquid and ween yourself off your dependency.

The VG & PG Ratio

You will notice that e-liquids have a PG (propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine) ratio, and it is something you need to look at when buying your vape juice. Many e-liquids have a 50/50 ratio, and these are suitable for most vaping devices. However, if you are going to chase clouds and want to create massive plumes of smoke, you want an e-liquid with a higher VG ratio. Not all vaping devices can use this type of e-liquid, so you need to ensure that you get something suitable for your vaping device. When you purchase your e-liquid, UK suppliers will show the ratio, and nicotine strength, so you should not have a problem finding something suitable.

Choose Your Favourite Flavours

You will also need to consider the flavour profiles of the e-liquid you will vape, and there are many options available. From dessert orientated flavours, tobacco flavours, or fruity ones, there are many choices when it comes to choosing your vape juice. They are relatively cheap when you compare them to the price of cigarettes, so you may be able to afford to buy a few different ones until you find a flavour profile suitable for you. Ensuring that you select your vape juice carefully will give you the best chance of quitting smoking for good and start living a smoke-free life.






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