The best laser tag experience for you in Singapore

How to play Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is a game in which players divide into two opposing teams and try to score points by tagging opponents who are carrying “tags” – usually infrared emitting diodes attached to their clothing, or reflectors on their bodies.

This helps identify who is “it” and who is not. Laser Tag vests are often worn over clothing, but may also be used as a uniform including the head for various types of game play.

Laser tag equipment can be set up indoors as well as outdoors, with artificial walls or buildings for cover. Laser tag games may also take place in the dark if play areas have lit targets that glow brightly when hit; some manufacturers use infra-red lights while others use traditional lighting such as fluorescent tubes before switching off the lights so that players cannot see where they are going. Visit Laser Tag Singapore for more information on laser tag.

Guidelines for the game

– Laser tag games can last from five to ten minutes per session

– The first team that has all members either tagged out or eliminated loses

– Players without tags can become “dead” in three ways: by being hit with a laser; when their time period expires; if one member of the opposing team touches them while they have no body armour on (i.e., they weren’t tagged)

– When players get shot, it will take away some of their health points

– Points are scored only when shooting an opposing player.

– Laser tag is an active game, usually requiring players to move. Laser tag teams must work together to achieve the game objective.

– Laser Tag is a great activity for kids and adults alike. Laser Tag provides a great opportunity for team building and bonding.






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