Portugal to follow strict lockdown measures amid rising cases.

As it has been streaming in the manchettas, Portugal is all set to follow strick lockdown guidelines as there has been a large increment in covid-19 cases recently. There are various novos artigos all over the internet regarding this manchettas.

Prime Minister Antonio Costa observed that many people had taken advantage of the exemptions that were provided amid the lockdown since last Friday. The authorities stated that there were about 70% normal movement during the lockdown.

According to Costa, the country is going through the most alarming phase of the covid-19 pandemic. He requested people to maintain the guidelines. He also stated that this is a situation of emergency. It is not the right time to search for loopholes in the law.

He stated that the January sales at stores are suspended. There should not be any gathering of even a small number of people in public areas. More police officers will be put to service in front of schools which are open. They will make sure that the students don’t form gatherings while leaving schools.

During the weekends, travelling within the districts will be not allowed. The grocery stores and markets will remain open for a short span of time.

During Christmas, the lockdown guidelines were slightly eased for four days. This decision has worsened the situation of a pandemic. There has been a hike in the number of covid-19 cases since then.

As monitored by a European Union agency, the European Centre for Disease Control, the country’s 14-day notification rate per 1 lakh people has doubled in just a time period of fewer than two weeks. This is an alarming situation.

According to the daily reports, Monday saw 167 new deaths and the previous day had 276 hospitalisations. Till now, there were about 9000 deaths amid pandemic in Portugal. The report shows that 1/4th of these deaths occurred since January 1.

This situation has brought the health authorities under immense pressure. The wards of the hospitals are full. Most of the hospitals are not able to provide beds to the patients. With no other options left, the hospitals are sending patients to other hospitals.

The number of Covid-19 patients admitted at hospital wards is about 5000. The number of admitted patients has doubled since the end of the last year. The increasing rate of Covid-19 patients in such a short span of time is alarming and fearful. Also, there are 668 patients in intensive care, whereas the number of these patients was 483 just about two weeks ago.

It is need of the hour for the Portuguese people to maintain guidelines to overcome the situation of emergency.






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